Andalusian horses


Our clinics

Whenever we can, we attend to  clinics to help our riders and horses in  their training. Besides, we also have a trainer,  Mrs. Brigitte Van der Hagen, who comes to the stud regularly every 2 weeks to guide and correct the training of our horses.

Clinic Ralf rash madrid

Iris su

Dressage videos

Here you can see some videos of our horses and mares, either at a  competition or training at home.




We try to be present when our mares foal, for which, when we see that the time is near, we put  them a device that incorporates a mobile  that calls us when the mare lies down. So we go and try to help by pulling the foal when the mare has contractions and is pushing to help her deliver the foal as quickly as possible, suffering less, both the mare and the foal.

Foaling Jara

Foaling Destreza


Obviously in the early spring and after birth, we begin with the coverings. Here you can see some videos of mating by natural service. In other cases the stallion sperm is extracted and perform artificial insemination.