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In this section we will show the testimonies of some of our clients, you can click on the buttons of each country / continent to observe the last horses sold

MEGA SU / Bianka and Pauline (ALEMANIA)

Dear Maria,

Now is "Little Big Man Mega Su" since a few weeks with us and we are very happy with him! We also believe that Mega Su like his new home in Schleswig-Holstein/ north Germany.
We have a 10j.PRE stallion, Hindu who is very successful in FN Sports and now we sought a second young horse. In May we found on the side of La Alegria Mega Su, a 4 years old bay PRE stallion. We looked at the video and were sure "he is the one!". What has made us somewhat uncertain was the size of 1.68m.

Nevertheless, I have been in contact with Dragana Strommer. I have a explains her what we are looking for and she really gave us good advice. I had never a feeling that they want to obtrude a horse. Pauline and I flew in June to Madrid. Everything was well organized by Yeguada Susaeta and Dragana (schedules for the taxi drivers, hotel ..). We were looking forward to see the horses, and especially on Mega Su. When we arrived at the stud it was really as we had already read it in the report by Anja R. / Logro Su: Everything so nice and clean, just perfect and the Maria so kind and welcoming.

As Mega then was introduced to us, we were really excited. He was introduced to us very well from the rider Guillermo, after Pauline has ridden him. We were able to see all the horses, we had interest, at the same evening, and the next day we were able to try out our favorites. Really any horse, whether 3 or 4years was in top condition and very well behaved. Even the three year old who was just ridden for a short time, were skillfully casual under a foreign rider.

But all these beautiful horses had no chance when two women just fall in love, and so we bought Mega after passing the vetting. Just 10 days later he was at our farm. After the transport he went very relaxed out of the truck. He's behaved very nice and also has no stallion behavior at all. He is great to be ridden and like to learn. Once a week we go with him to the training, otherwise we go forward carefully. And what makes us very happy too, he is every day for 3 hours outside and is very relaxed, even when other horses are next to him.

Now, dear Maria, do you know how is your Mega, you've put so much love in his breeding and grooving up, it is now up to us to continuing his training. Greetings to Dragana Strommer and Guillermo and see you soon!

Bianka and Pauline

yeguas pre


In this way, I would like to thank you for your efforts for buying Jipi. It is now almost exactly 1 1/2 years ago when I have seen JIPI at your website and have fallen in love with her. Despite your suggest to me to see the mare live in Madrid I bought her only through photos, videos and pre-purchase vetting. Jipi arrive with me, with a recommended transport company from you, in a very good physical and mental condition.

Jipi could easily be integrated into my mare group. The preliminary work of the riders in Spain has been perfect for the daily life as well as for riding. Thanks to your information and videos which you have sent to me I could easily forward the level of training from her.  Jipi`s character it is the best I've ever had seen with a horse. She works with great and tries to make for her rider everything right and goes with me everywhere, whether alone or in a group. She learns very quickliy. After 1 ½ years she does a lot of exercises like shoulder in, half passes, and we start with the outside canter. Even from the ground she shows talent and does all lateral movements and the "Spanish walk"!

Jipi is a great sweetheart and delight me every day anew. Even so, what I forgot ... I ride her(because of the trust) without saddle and bit.

yeguas pre


Hi Maria:

First I wanted to thank you for this wonderfu colt you have given me. It's everything I dreamed and more. And also for your endless patience when I did not stop to ask and you answer always good manners.

And when we went to see in Madrid, your simplicity and gentleness made​me will feel comfortable in your stud.

By the way, great facilities (and so clean that it seems that no livesany animals there!) and do not even talk about the quality of your horses. You know that I love Decreto and My dream was to have colt from him And thanks by your program, I could afford realize the dream of my life ... a Spanish horse... But I did not think I was going to leave a foal so strong and so gorgeous! Sometimes I spend hours looking at him, I just admire the way how he moves.

All this to say THANKS. If I will have to buy another horse, I won´t think even a second, I will buy you.


yeguas pre


Since May in 2011 I was looking for a very good new iberian young dressage horse with 3 very good gaits.

In July 2011,  I bought in Portugal a 3 year old Lusitanostallion;
But he didn´t developed in the way, I expected and so I sold him at the end of 2012 and was looking again for a new horse...

In Internet I saw a wonderful looking tall brown PRE Stallion, 5 years  old and he was offered also with a German telefonnumber  for first information from the studfarm Susaeta.

There I´ve got a lot of information about this horse and other horses of Yeguada Susaeta from Dragana Strommer and so we decided to take a flight to Spain in January 2013 for looking to thoose horses.

When we arrived, we´ve been inspired from Yeguada Susaeta! Wonderful and all so clean, tidy and well-groomed...

And also the horses... one more beautiful than the other...and the owner, Maria Ruiz Fernandez so friendly, polite and wonderful english speaking, that was for us , easy good doing.

The very fine riders where showing us several horses, each very professional ridden, by finest aids...all young horses are correctly ridden by snaffle bits and correctly ridden amount there back!

All horses are injured and prepared to be free of worms and also the teeths are well done prepared of the vet.

The horses of Yeguada  Susaeta are all noble in charakter and well mannered for daily work and so I can give my full recommendation for this wonderful stud!!!

Now I´m very happy with my new horse, it became a grey 5 year old stallion, not so tall, than I expected...and I am so happy with him...a phantastic  follower for my beloved in Germany wellknown Lusitanostallion Ninho, in meanwhile 19 years old...

Thank you so much for Logro!!!

yeguas pre


In November 2011, we visited the Stud Susaeta first.
Buy a "KROMO SU", a wonderful horse five years. The following year, William, the young rider Susaeta Stud, followed Kromo taming. Twice competed nationally in Spain. Maria and her team were very helpful at all times.
The blocks were very clean, and all the horses well cared for and in good condition. Kromo has lasted four months with us .. He is a lovely stallion with very good temperament, and extraordinary scenery. Thank you very much for your help! "

yeguas pre

LECTOR / Karl and Sibylle (ALEMANIA)

Since about 30 years we have warm-blood horses. We were able to achieve great successes at regional competitions – and we love our horses.

BUT, if we got to know Maria´s horses earlier – we only would have

horses  from  her breed.

In 2011 we visited Madrid and the stud Yeguada-Susaeta .  Dragana

Strommer made this possible.

Immediately we were exited about Maria, her team and her beautiful and well-educated horses. We watched the happenings at the stud for three days and we were delighted, because the whole team worked calm and amicable with the horses. No loud noise could be heard.

Maria´s horses get an ideal education. Her instructors works careful in dealing with the animals.

Finally we acquired a three years old stallion named Lector. This was in June 2011. Lector stayed at the stud till April 2012.  During this time Raul worked with him excellently.

On the afternoon of April 19 Lector arrived in Austria. Within a few days he was the favourite of all adjuster (people in the stable). He is affectionate, affable, willing to work – a dream come true.

It didn´t take long and Lector stayed at the grass-paddock with our other horses. We can ride side by side with mares, stallions and geldings – no problem at all. Now we look forward to his first competition. Sincere thanks to Maria!

This is our offer for the internet-text. You can make use of all pictures, we sent to you. May be, we are able to make a video – natural you can use this too. If somebody wants to contact us, you can give him our mailadress.

My dear Maria. We hope all is well with you, your family, your team your horses and dogs. Every day, when we see Lector, we keep you in our mind. And when I ride

Lector – sometimes I hear Raul´s voice. Thanks to him.

Bye for now. Convey my greetings to all.

You will stay in our heart for ever

Karl and Sibylle

yeguas pre


I have bought my once in life time horse from Maria back in 2010 September. Kareo Su was only 3 years old at that time and was backed for about half a year when I first sit on him. Without all the fuss of other type of Warmbloods or Thoroughbreds, he was super in his temperments, I felt like home when I was test riding him.

Now it is the third year proudly owned by Kareo. He progresses tremendously and always we received wonderful compliments for his look, his gaits, his trainability and of course he has a very pretty face which all women just simply fell in love with him instinctly. Maria's excellent service made buying a horse from her becomes very simple, and she is honest with good business ethic. Will deifintely return for a young one when the time suits.

yeguas pre


I bought a horse to Maria Jose a few years ago called FONSI, a thrush of 1.63, which simply fell in love.
FONSI is a horse because the characteristics of horses rearing M ª José, classy horses, bone ... well with anything you want, but with a plus on other farms, a heart contrasted. FONSI is a horse that I ride whenever I get some sort practicing what pride, what is to be brave, what is love and what is power, so the summary of what is to be a horse with heart.
FONSI and I we walk in the Monte del Pardo, where there are many cyclists in good weather there are many families eating in the field with their dogs (usually loose) and of course the fauna, wild boar, deer, roe deer, etc. FONSI has never been afraid of anything even when I took the first rides with other horses older than he, in days of wind and rain with bags flying all around us, he was a guide, being practically foal.
Then is a horse in tough times of my life it seems he knows and then FONSI Argentine psychoanalyst does, I would not amount it gives me a lap without more, I assure you that what I say is absolutely true. FONSI is a happy horse, works every day except Monday which is closed the arena and likes what me, the two of them out to the field to relax, to anyone bothering us and gallop.
I can never thank enough to M ª José to sell me a FONSI. For me, the best livestock PRE the world and if not, very close you are to be.

yeguas pre


"I have been very well pleased with my PRE Faldero bred by Yeguada Susaeta and I would recommend them to anyone who wishes to own a quality Spanish horse. I bought him via their agent in the UK as a 3 and a half year old some 6 years ago (October 2006) and have seen many fine examples of their youngsters that have been imported into the UK since.

I would say Faldero is typical of his breed and also typical of Susaeta being of course very beautiful but also calm, kind, well-mannered, with a big heart and eager to please. When I first met him, he had received his basic training in Spain as a 3-year old and had only been in the UK for a few months and from the start has proved to be a loyal and trustworthy friend. Of course we had our ‘discussions’ whilst he was maturing but his impeccable manners meant he was always the gentleman and prepared to work with me to improve and progress.

I bought Faldero mainly for my pleasure but I have competed him at local dressage competitions quite successfully but it is when he is ridden Doma Vaquera that he is his most expressive – he prefers this style of exercise I feel!  Faldero is a pleasure to own and I have enjoyed many happy hours in the saddle and look forward to many more years of happiness to come".

yeguas pre


"I thank the stud Susaeta given me this wonderful pony that gives me great joy and satisfaction.'s Not only beautiful but is friendly, great, hardworking and intelligent ... and is also gifted dressage. YOUR LAW is the mascot the club!

Mary J. livestock is a passionate, very judiciously selecting crossings for horses mentally and physically balanced to optimize their validity for dressage. She is always ready to give advice and follows the evolution of their products when they are competing.

I recommend this Stud future buyers of Iberian horse, which is always well received, and even just to visit their facilities worth going!
Again thank Maria Jose Ruiz and his team for their professionalism and devotion to the PRE. You continue raising these horses long proud that make us dream .... "

yeguas pre